Determine the potential of your reservoir with fast, accurate, and integrated data

Rock and Fluids Lab Services

Rock and fluid analysis is the most efficient and reliable method to determine the properties of your reservoir.  Said properties are essential in determining the feasibility of undrilled prospects and central to building reservoir models.

PanTerra can assist you identify the potential of your reservoir and locate the sweet spots by offering fast, accurate and integrated data.

Our modern laboratory located near Amsterdam is equipped to provide a full spectrum of analyses, some of these are also being performed at the wellsite or onsite at client facility.

The areas covered are:

  • Conventional Core Analysis (CCA)
  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
  • Pressure-Volume-Temperature (PVT)
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

In addition we provide laboratory services in the following areas:

  • Formation Damage
  • Production Chemistry
  • Flow Assurance
  • Geothermal Energy

Our in depth knowledge gained over 30+ years working in rock and fluid laboratories has enabled to add Laboratory Equipment Sales and Laboratory Design departments to our portfolio.

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Quick facts

How many laboratory projects executed?
1500 +
How many clients serviced?
210 +
How many meters of core handled in a year (average)?
300 ±
How many onsite coreflood tests conducted?
100 +
What is the length of the largest core measured at our premises (in meters)?
1200 +
What is the highest permeability measured in our lab?
30 Darcy
How many papers has our lab staff published in recent years?
8 +
How many MICP tests can we typically perform in a day?
3 ±

Helping your challenge

Discover how our integrated service offering can help you address the following challenges:

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Albert Hebing

Laboratory Manager

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