Appraisal and Development

In the upstream oil and gas industry the difference between a profitable or unprofitable project is largely determined by the quality of the upfront appraisal and development planning. An excellent understanding of the reservoir and informed choice of the optimum development concept, taking into account risks and uncertainties, are crucial to make a development project a success.

How we can help

Static and dynamic reservoir modeling is one of PanTerra’s key expertise areas, and our senior staff have executed many concept selection studies in their careers for IOCs and PanTerra. Together with conceptual engineering and economics we can provide you with the optimum field development or re-development plan.

Why PanTerra

Thanks to the integrated technical knowhow, our project management capability, and desire to meet our client’s requirements, we take an innovative approach to every project.

Providing superior services is central to our organization. Standard ISO 9001: 2015 procedures are followed and implemented across our company.

Our skilled technical managers have broad experience in project management which assures the quality of the work delivered.

PanTerra’s intimate knowledge of the market will help you tackle the problem at hand with creative, yet practical geological and engineering solutions.

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Interested in learning about this challenge? Our Manager Subsurface Evaluation is happy to provide you with additional information.

Marcel Zwaan

Manager Subsurface Evaluation

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