Mature Assets Development

The cost-containment measures on the current oil and gas market have put exploration budgets under severe pressure and pushed companies to make the most of their existing assets. To meet their production expectations companies will first consider the opportunities created within the current producing assets and fields.



How we can help

In close collaboration with its clients, PanTerra can identify, mature and implement redevelopment opportunities. This is done by evaluating the subsurface, surface facilities and the commercial arena. PanTerra can perform a well-to-well missed pay review, (re)interpret seismic and log data and propose infill drilling and outstep opportunities. A de-bottlenecking study can also be performed to ensure better through-put.


Why PanTerra

Focusing on the needs of our client is an integral part of our brand.

Providing superior services is central to our organization. Standard ISO 9001: 2015 procedures are followed and implemented across our company.

For more than 2 decades, local and international oil and gas companies have trusted our expertise to deliver high level geological and engineering services.

Our services are defined by an integrated approach that allows us to connect our multi-disciplinary team with the client and ensure a successful project.

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