Hydrocarbon Maturation

In a time of prolongued low oil prices it is essential for a company to know where to invest and what to divest. Hydrocarbon Maturation is a structured process wherein the subsurface uncertainties scenarios are being generated. With the help of these scenarios, the operator can make informed decisions on which (re)development to invest in.

How we can help

Panterra works with its clients through the Hydrocarbon Maturation Process. Our team of HCM experts work in the client’s office to plan and execute the process. This can be done with the input from the client’s technical experts. PanTerra can also assist with the technical work, if needed. Once the process has been set up and embedded in the client’s framework, PanTerra can evaluate the progress and “health” of the portfolio on a yearly basis (if needed).

Why PanTerra

Our services are defined by an integrated approach that allows us to connect our multi-disciplinary team with the client and ensure a successful project.

Thanks to its problem solving attitude, our friendly and dedicated team is always ready to provide outside the box but inside the grid solutions to your challenge.

Our hybrid skillset, flexibility, extensive experience, and pragmatic approach will prove to be of great value to your project.

For more than 2 decades, local and international oil and gas companies have trusted our expertise to deliver high level geological and engineering services.

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