Unconventional Reservoirs

Developing unconventional resources still remains a technical and political challenge. Evaluating unconventional rock, also requires unconventional (custom) laboratory techniques and protocols to properly assess the hydrocarbons in place and their producibility.


How we can help

PanTerra can help you resolve this technical issues with our adapted lab instruments for measuring fundamental properties, such as porosity (MICP), partitioning of the water, and ultra-low permeability. In combination with our pore characterization, sedimentological, and microscopic reservoir description services we can give you a full description of the reservoir to define and find your sweet spots. In addition, our specialists can help with all technical aspects of exploration and development of shale and tight gas.


Why PanTerra

To ensure a successful project, PanTerra uses highly specialized equipment for EOR, PVT, SCAL, and Core Evaluations, as well as adapted lab instruments for measuring fundamental properties.

Thanks to the integrated technical knowhow, our project management capability, and desire to meet our client’s requirements, we take an innovative approach to every project.

Under comprehensive Quality Control protocols, we provide accurate and reliable rock and fluid data.

Our hybrid skillset, flexibility, extensive experience, and pragmatic approach will prove to be of great value to your project.

Want to learn more

Interested in learning about this challenge? Our Laboratory Manager is happy to provide you with additional information.

Albert Hebing

Laboratory Manager

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