Production Enhancement

Squeezing more barrels (or SCFs) from your producing reservoirs is good business, especially in a low oil price world. Thorough understanding of the reservoir production behaviour and of potential  short end longer term production enhancement options invariably leads to valuable production increases.

How we can help

PanTerra has a long track record in production enhancement studies. Dependent our your needs, we have the staff and experience to assess short term (e.g. stimulation, re-perforation, water shut-off) and longer term (e.g. water and gas injection, EOR) options to increase production economically.

Why PanTerra

For more than 2 decades, local and international oil and gas companies have trusted our expertise to deliver high level geological and engineering services.

Providing superior services is central to our organization. Standard ISO 9001: 2015 procedures are followed and implemented across our company.

Our staff use a wide array of state of the art tools ranging from Petrel packages to Eclipse 100, 300, & CMG Stars, PVTsim, IP, KAPPA-Saphir and others.

To ensure a successful project, PanTerra uses highly specialized equipment for EOR, PVT, SCAL, and Core Evaluations, as well as adapted lab instruments for measuring fundamental properties.

Want to learn more

Interested in learning about this challenge? Our Manager Subsurface Evaluation is happy to provide you with additional information.

Marcel Zwaan

Manager Subsurface Evaluation

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