Missed Pay

If you want to explore for oil and gas opportunities, why not start with the well information at hand? PanTerra carried out a large released well study on 155 exploration wells in the Netherlands and found out that many wells, classified as dry, actually have proven hydrocarbons at surface or demonstrated by other means. These wells form an excellent start for Missed Pay exploration, and the study is for sale.


How we can help

We can apply this technique for you anywhere in the world. Our dedicated team will carefully study all available well data (well logs, composite logs, drilling reports, core, pressure and well test data) for indicators of hydrocarbons and reservoir quality and will provide you with a comprehensive missed pay report.


Why PanTerra

PanTerra’s intimate knowledge of the market will help you tackle the problem at hand with creative, yet practical geological and engineering solutions.

Our integrated workflows, pragmatism, and flexibility enable our position as an affordable supplier of geological and petroleum engineering services.

Decades of experience and diligence allow us to complete your project in a quick turnaround time.

The inquisitive nature of our staff helps discover the root of your problem and finds a practical solution to your challenge.

Want to learn more

Interested in learning about this challenge? Our Manager Subsurface Evaluation is happy to provide you with additional information.

Marcel Zwaan

Manager Subsurface Evaluation

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