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Enhancing the operational and business skills of employees is central to the development of any business. Proactive companies interested in investing in their workforce can opt for adequate E&P training programs that result in increasing employees’ capability to handle day to day activities and economic decision making. With more than 29 years’ experience in laboratory analysis, geology and petroleum engineering, PanTerra is committed to share its practical and applicable knowledge with the E&P industry. PanTerra offers a mix of petroleum geoscience and engineering courses specifically designed to meet the training needs of oil and gas professionals. Our trainers are active geologists, geophysisicsts and petroleum engineers with extensive international experience with major multinational oil companies. They enjoy sharing their technical expertise and practical knowledge of the E&P industry with colleagues. This makes them excellent instructors.

Quick facts

What is the average experience of PanTerra's trainers?
20+ years
What is the average duration of a generic project based programme?
Six months
How much will a client save if a standard course is offered at its premises?
Up to 50%
How many disciplines can PanTerra training cover?
Up to 10

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