Geothermal Energy is one of the answers to transfer the world to environmentally friendly resources. PanTerra is one of the leading firms promoting geothermal energy in the Netherlands.  The market fragmentation and small scale of the initiators is often a challenge. Our broad experience will make it easier for you to promote and obtain finance for your geothermal project.

How we can help

PanTerra can help you with mapping and calculating the geothermal resource in the underground. Further, our team can provide advice on how to develop this resource and other technical aspects in the area of drilling, testing, and production operations. In addition, our team can organize and assist with licence application, permitting and planning and generate a business case, a risk register and a road map.


Why PanTerra

PanTerra’s intimate knowledge of the market will help you tackle the problem at hand with creative, yet practical geological and engineering solutions.

For more than 2 decades, local and international oil and gas companies have trusted our expertise to deliver high level geological and engineering services.

Thanks to its problem solving attitude, our friendly and dedicated team is always ready to provide outside the box but inside the grid solutions to your challenge.

Our integrated workflows, pragmatism, and flexibility enable our position as an affordable supplier of geological and petroleum engineering services.

Want to learn more

Interested in learning about this challenge? Our Chief Geoscientist and Renewable Energy Lead is happy to provide you with additional information.

Jerome Amory

Chief Geoscientist and Renewable Energy Lead

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