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The landscape of the oil and gas industry is currently characterised by difficult access to new fields, the viability of unconventional resources, and the maturation or declining assets in a price sensitive environment. PanTerra understands the challenges of this complex landscape and is dedicated to assisting clients with:

Delivering results at every stage of your project lifecycle

PanTerra’s portfolio includes services for each phase of an oil and gas project. From the discovery of a hydrocarbon deposit to the optimisation of production operations, our services contribute to the successful completion of your project.

More about PanTerra

At PanTerra, we are committed to transforming every project into a success story. Since 1988, we have increased our portfolio to offer to oil and gas operators the whole spectrum of E&P services under one roof. Today, we are dedicated to provide first-class services with our 360° approach to exploration, development, and production optimisation.

Testimonial PanTerra

“Since our introduction, PanTerra has proven to be a reliable and trustful partner. Always seeking mutual benefit. During our work on different projects, the team has shown professionalism and dedication, going above and beyond the call of duty whenever necessary. A highly recommended consultant.”  

Sergey Aristov – Senior Production Technologist at Shell

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