Our Clients

ADCO, Addax, ADNOC, Afren, Agip-KCO, Amoco, Anadarko, BP, Cairn, Centrica, CEPSA, CE PETRO, Chevron, Cirrus Energy, ConocoPhillips, Daewoo, Daleel Oil Company, Dana Petroleum, Delta Hydrocarbon, Dyas, E.ON Benelux, EBN, Eland Oil and Gas , Elko Energy, Endeavour, EBN, ENI, Exxon, GasPlus Italia, GAZPROM Germania, Gaz de France, Engie, GTFT, Gulfsands Petroleum, Hansa Hydrocarbons, Hardy Oil, IOOC, KNOC, Mabruk Oil Ops., Maersk, Makmera Upstream Inc, NAM, Nexen, Nippon Oil, Northern Petroleum, Occidental, OGEP, OKIOC, OMV, ONE B.V., PDO, PEDCO, Perenco, PetroCanada, Petronas, Petrogas NL, PetroSantander, Preussag, PTTEP, RAKGAS, Reliance, Repsol, Rhein Petroleum GmbH, Rohöl Energie AG, Royal Haskoning, RWE-DEA, Sakhalin Energy, Saudi-Aramco, Sasoil, Setanta Energy, Shell E&P, Shell Gabon, Shell India, Shell China, Shell Congo, Shell Egypt, Shell UK, Shell Brunei, Shell Cameroon, Shell Iran, Shell Peru, Shell Libya, Shell Italia, Shell Kazakstan, Shell Philipines, Shell Ukraine, Shell Temir, Sorgenia S.P.a., Staatsolie, Star Energy, Statoil, Taqa Energy, TouatGaz, TNO, Total , Turkish Petroleum, Transmark Renewables, Transworld Oil, Tulip Oil, Vermilion, Wintershall Noordzee, Wintershall Libya, Wintershall Germany, Worldbank.

Where we operate

Since its beginning, PanTerra has carried out more than 3000 projects throughout the world. Our project portfolio stretches across Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America, Central Asia and the Far East.