Reservoir Souring

Reservoir Souring is the increase of the hydrogen-sulfide (H2S) concentration in produced fluids from your reservoirs. As hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic and corrosive gas, the production of H2S has a huge impact on the safety, infrastructure and facilities of your field.
H2S can be produced biologically by bacteria or non-biologically and the source can be located within or outside your reservoir or field. H2S is often measured in the produced gas, but just an increase of the H2S concentration in the gas phase is not simply evidence of reservoir souring. There is much more to it.

How we can help

PanTerra souring experts can help you determine the source of the H2S and subsequently model the expected production levels of H2S over the lifetime of your field. We collect the samples in the field and in our PVT laboratory the fluids and gas analyses are analyzed and discussed with the reservoir engineers.

PanTerra offers the full range of reservoir souring services: data review to assess the potential causes of reservoir souring; formulation of relevant (bio)chemical reactions and parameterization for souring models; assessment of floodwater potential to induce reservoir souring; field sampling campaigns to collect reservoir fluids under controlled conditions; full PVT analysis of reservoir fluids; sulfur isotope analysis and data interpretation; simulation and modeling of future H2S production; modeling of souring mitigation strategies and facility design advice.

Why PanTerra

For more than 2 decades, local and international oil and gas companies have trusted our expertise to deliver high level geological and engineering services.

Our services are defined by an integrated approach that allows us to connect our multi-disciplinary team with the client and ensure a successful project.

To ensure a successful project, PanTerra uses highly specialized equipment for EOR, PVT, SCAL, and Core Evaluations, as well as adapted lab instruments for measuring fundamental properties.

Decades of experience and diligence allow us to complete your project in a quick turnaround time.

Want to learn more

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Hamidreza Salimi

Chief Reservoir Engineer

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