Polymer / Surfactant EOR Systems from PanTerra

PanTerra has been providing EOR laboratory services for 7 years and we utilise this experience when supplying bespoke turn-key solutions for establishing polymer EOR facilities.

The equipment provided is carefully selected to be optimised for the following steps:

Polymer Preparation/Mixing,

Core Preparation,

Filtration and Filtration Ratio Tests,

Viscosity and Rheology,

Thermal Stability Tests,

Core Flow Tests and Evaluation.


Surfactant EOR

To extend the capability to include surfactant testing, a couple more analytical techniques are required, specifically IFT and titration. Again PanTerra can supply optimum systems for these.

Further PanTerra support could include:

Training – above and beyond use of equipment – e.g. guidance of polymer pre-selection, defining test parameters, interpretation of results, etc.

Long Term Training – conducted at our NL EOR laboratory.

Operational Support – conducted by PanTerra staff at client’s facilities and subsequent remote support, if and when required.

Laboratory Support at PanTerra – cross checking results, providing additional capacity and analyses.

Reservoir Simulation Studies – to optimise polymer/surfactant performance provided by PanTerra’s reservoir engineering department utilising state-of-the-art simulation software.

Do not hesitate to contact our Equipment sales Manager – Mike Burns, for any queries you might have.