DAP Symposium 2019 – Urban Heating, Risks and Rewards

We are pleased to announce that PanTerra will be present at the 6th edition of the DAP Symposium at the Technical Delft University. This year´s symposium will focus on the challenges and opportunities of supplying urban areas with geothermal energy. As today´s technology is improving, more opportunities arise to move the geothermal wells closer to the urban areas, where a high demand for heat is everlasting and large opportunities await.The aim of this year´s symposium is to create awareness of the difficulties and the potential benfits of supplying urban areas with geothermal heat.

In collaboration with Well Engineering Partners, Royal Haskoning DHV and VB Geo Projects, PanTerra will host an introduction workshop in Geothermal Energy.

PanTerra´s delegates: Han van Gils, Kirsten Brautigam and Jorik Poesse will be happy to meet you there and talk about the geothermal challenges.