Geothermal Core for DAP

As our world is moving forward to a more sustainable future, we are moving forward together with it.

As PanTerra Geoconsultants, we are very pleased to collaborate in a multipurpose research program together with TU Delft to investigate possible subsurface usage for geo-energy application

A 500 meters deep research well will be located at Delftse Hout at a drill site called DAPGEO-02. There, our laboratory experts will be on site during the drilling and coring phases to handle the freshly extracted cores. Cores from three different target zones with three different lithologies (Sandstone, Clay, and Chalk) will be sealed using a wax bath in order to preserve the petrophysical and geo-mechanical properties, before sending to TU Delft for further analysis.

We are very glad for the valuable opportunity to be involved in a local geothermal project and to provide our contribution to the noble cause of a more sustainable future.

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