Reservoir Rock Typing (RRT)

At PanTerra, we use Reservoir Rock Typing (RRT) as a process, by which depositional facies information (used for static modelling) is combined with their dynamic behavior. The dynamic properties are of key importance to characterise fluid movement in the reservoir. With its predictive potential, RRT is a powerful decision-making tool for reservoir development.

PanTerra is aptly equipped to provide robust and full RRT characterisation of your reservoir. Thanks to our integrated approach, rock types are evaluated on the basis of in-house RCA and SCAL data from core plugs. Together with detailed petrographic descriptions and core lithofacies associations we define hydraulic flow units. For 3D visualisation of hydraulic rock properties, we compare petrophysical log expressions in cored well sections and uncored wells or well sections. This enables us to create 3D rock type models, ready for simulation of fluid flow

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