Project Management and Consultancy

Projects in the oil and gas industry are expensive and can take a long time. Good management of these projects is essential. PanTerra’s experienced managers, who work according to a proven process and have impressive managerial records, can assist with these projects.

First, the project is set up, or framed. This is done in a Framing workshop. During the workshop the project roadmap, project plan, risk register and other vital parts of the projects are generated. This workshop follows a strict process that has proven to capture all the essential ingredients of a good project.

Throughout the project, the management focus is on Budget, Time and Quality (BTQ). The work is done according to the agreed program, and the client is informed weekly or bi-weekly. It is essential to keep the communication going, in case there are scope changes or additional requests.

Quality control throughout the project is paramount. Both peer to peer reviews and integrated reviews will be performed. The quality of the integration needs to be secured by the project manager.

At the end of the project the manager engages with the client and decision makers. If the preliminary results are satisfactory, the report can be written and after an “After Action Review” the project can be closed.

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