Project Assurance Review (PAR)

During a project it is essential that the project-team stays on track. To ensure that a project is on schedule, a large number of operators call in a team of experts to perform a Project Assurance Review or PAR.

PanTerra’s team of experts offers to review the work performed to date (e.g. studies) and recommend for future works which may be necessary, including laboratory study, reservoir modelling & simulation, facility design, and other work. The objective of this review is to ensure that all work in this phase has been performed to the agreed standards and sets up the project for success. The planning for the following phase is also reviewed.

It is not in PanTerra’s intention to carry out the actual work, but rather act as advisors/consultants. The review takes 2 to 3 weeks; although, it can be tailored to any need. The review team consists out of 4 people, all seasoned professionals with a track record in the industry. First, all documentation will be reviewed, then the project team and stakeholders will be interviewed in the client’s offices. At the end of that week a close out presentation is given and the review document is written and send to the client.

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