Pilot design, planning, and execution

EOR development is a major investment in the life of an oil field. It is paramount that the right type of EOR is implemented and that the prediction of cost and benefit is well understood. To do this most operators implement a Pilot. This is a small-scale development that is run to evaluate the EOR efficiency, cost and operations. If the pilot is successful it can be upscaled to a field-wide development.

To design the pilot a list of uncertainties is generated. The Pilot is designed to reduce these uncertainties. These uncertainties are parameters, such as: EOR efficiency, injectivity, hydrocarbon saturation reduction, operability of the EOR method, etc.

Once the pilot has been designed it can be implemented by PanTerra together with its strategic partners. The consortium will take care of the construction, transportation, installation and operations. Of course, the operator can opt to carry out parts of the project as well.

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