Geothermal studies and power calculations

PanTerra believes in the success and value of geothermal projects, and has contributed to almost all implemented geothermal projects in the Netherlands, mostly for greenhouse applications. With our wealth of knowledge of the Dutch underground geology and our experience in building simulation models to predict heat flows in the underground and interference between doublets, we can assist with any geothermal project. Our laboratory and our well test engineers can help you with operational challenges.

We are ready for the next step in geothermal development and look forward to supporting deep geothermal projects which involve the substraction of hot water (>150 oC) at great depth (>5000 m). Thanks to the set of “lessons learned” from the oil and gas industry, we can provide suitable solutions to the technical challenges of these projects.

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Jerome Amory

Chief Geoscientist and Renewable Energy Lead

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