Special Core Analysis Workshop

Last week, our Laboratory Manager, Albert Hebing, gave a 3 day course on Special Core Analysis at the Moscow Petroleum Institute.

A group of 20 motivated professionals from operating companies followed the course and gained insights and discussed various SCAL laboratory methods and analytical techniques.

The course outline was as follows:

  • Core Handling and Preparation

Wellsite recommendation coring
Laboratory core handling procedures
Ct-scanning / core imaging
Unconsolidated sediments
Drilling plug samples, and preservation
Sample cleaning and drying methods

  • Routine Core Analysis

– Porosity
– Permeability, Klinkenberg effect, non-Darcy flow
– Stressed measurements
– Whole core permeability
– Cuttings analysis
– Mini permeability
– SCAL sample selection and screening
– Quality control

  • Capillary Pressure

– Capillary pressure theory
– Measurement methods : mercury injection, porous plate and centrifuge
– Pore throat size distributions
– Quality control on measurement

  • Archie Parameters

– Fundamental equations
– Formation resistivity and porosity exponent ‘m’
– Formation resistivity index and saturation exponent ‘n’
– Excess conductivity, Co-Cw and wet chemistry
– Quality control

  • Wettability

– Concepts of wettability
– Amott and USBM measurements
– Effect of wettability of rock properties

  • Relative Permeability

– Single-phase permeability
– Steady-state relative permeability
– Unsteady-state relative permeability
– Centrifuge relative permeability
– Selecting appropriate method
– Quality control / simulation

  • Core study project

– Typical core study program

It was an honor to visit the MPI facilities and at the same time enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful streets in Moscow.