From project management to business development

We are pleased to announce that Jan Nieuwerf has changed jobs in PanTerra.

He has moved on from being (EOR) Project Manager to Business Development Manager. His new role focuses on engaging clients in finding suitable solutions for reservoir souring, EOR-, mature assets development and production enhancement. Over the years, PanTerra has assembled a team of technical specialists from major operators with a wealth of experience. Thanks to this expertise, we work with our clients on technically challenging projects. Although Jan has stepped down from his prior role, he is still involved in these projects in a coaching and quality assurance role.

Because we are a nimble company, we can easily accommodate our client’s wishes. We pride ourselves on being good listeners and understanding our clients‘ needs before we start the job. This way we can be effective and provide tailor-made services.

Feel free to reach Jan if you would like to discuss our Souring, On-site core-flooding, EOR, PVT, FDP, Geothermal and core analysis services.