Petition to support the creation of a Digital Well Database

PanTerra and dGB Earth Sciences have started a petition to support the creation of a Digital Well Database for all publicly-released well data in The Netherlands.
We need your help to get this on the agenda of the Dutch Ministry, so please sign it here. 

A comprehensive, consistent, open-source well database, for the entirety of The Netherlands will be useful in many ways such as:
– Reducing economic risks of geothermal and oil & gas projects
– Accelerating Geothermal development
– Possibility to be accessed by all Dutch Geothermal and O&G operators and other stakeholders
– Stimulating Machine Learning R&D
– Providing a cloud-based, modern database for business, academic and educational purposes
– Adding value to The Netherlands’ well database
– Increasing the safety and speed of drilling operations
– Reducing uncertainties in reservoir / aquifer predictions
– Machine Learning can fill data gaps in wells with limited data (old wells or geothermal wells with incomplete logging runs), especially in areas/zones with limited data
– Reducing time for geological evaluations and make interpretations more consistent
– Improving the constraints for fracture modeling

Let’s create an Open Source Well Database for the entire Netherlands!