Introduction to Geothermal Energy – workshop

The geothermal energy introduction workshop offered by PanTerra, Royal Haskoning DHV, VB Geoprojects and Well Engineering Partners sparked fruitful discussions between the representatives of city councils & provinces and the four companies organizing the event.

The interactive workshops allowed participants to raise questions such as “how can we know that there could be geothermal potential in an area?” or “How do you know the geothermal potential when no data is available i.e. in the no data zones?”.

The answer for the first question is fairly easy: the available sub-surface data can be evaluated and will show whether known reservoirs are present and buried deep enough to have a temperature around 60 degrees C. However, the answer to the latter question is a little more complex: without subsurface data it is very difficult to predict the geothermal potential. Some interpolations can be done, but it is advisable to collect data first (ideally, seismic data that can visualise the presence of geothermal reservoirs). If no data is collected, the outcome is uncertain and drilling for water may be a risky investment.