Introducing AutoSCORES – Automatic SCAL Simulator

PanTerra is pleased to announce the release of its new online software tool “AutoSCORES” (AUTOmatic Special CORE analysis Simulator).

It is well known that relative permeability and capillary pressure interfere with one another during SCAL laboratory experiments. As an example: apparent residual oil is typically 10 to 15 saturation units too high which may have a significant business impact. The tool to correct for this interference is interpretation-by-simulation. Such history matching of the experiments is a tedious process when done by hand.

AutoSCORES performs automatic history matching of SCAL experiments, e.g. steady state, unsteady state, and centrifuge experiments. This versatile, user-friendly online package can be used for the interpretation of a range of laboratory SCAL experiments

The user interface has been specifically designed for the SCAL analyst or reservoir engineer who is on a tight project schedule and wants to analyse SCAL experiments without lengthy software familiarisation.

The AutoSCORES software is easily accessed online, which is a completely unique philosophy compared to existing packages.

No software licence purchase is necessary, and no annual maintenance fees. Access to our novel simulator is offered at a modest cost, and payments are on a per use basis.

Main benefits:

AutoSCORES benefits

Please go to to use the simulator.

For questions / support, please contact the AutoSCORES Team ( or call +31 71 581 3505