Farewell, Walid!

Farewell, Walid!

Mr. Walid Hurebish was our second trainee from Harouge Oil Operations involved in the EOR Feasibility Study on the Ghani/Zenad Farrud Reservoir. The past three months were full of learning, and it was truly a pleasure to provide knowledge transfer to our client’s staff that will strengthen their operations.

Initially, our team conducted a tour of our laboratory facilities, wherein Walid witnessed an ongoing core flood with oil, including an explanation of the chemical EOR formulation. Subsequently, training was provided on Applied Basic Sedimentology and Fracture Analysis, Basic Wireline Logging, Core Description and analysis, and the fundamentals of fluids analysis (PVT).

At PanTerra, we value lifelong learning and building strong relationships with not only our employees but also our clients.

We hope to meet Walid again in the future and we wish him a pleasant journey back to Libya.