DAP update

After several day and night shifts, 70 meters of cores were successfully sampled in the DAPGEO-02 well, located in the Delfste Hout. The 500 meters depth borehole is a multipurpose well, including geophysical monitoring, logging, and coring.

The rock samples were taken from three different formations, each of them of different interest and purpose. The shallow formations are target for heat storage, the clay formations are target for radioactive waste storage, while the chalk is again a target for a deeper heat storage. Our colleagues Cor Laffra and dario santonico worked hard to handle, stabilize, and seal the fresh extracted cores with preservation wax. The wax keeps the original fluids in place and allows for a safe transportation to TU Delft’s laboratories for further analysis.

A crucial task for this project was to handle the clay cores exceedingly carefully. These cores will be used for seal capacity analysis, therefore it is important to preserve the representative in-situ geo-mechanical and petrophysical properties.

We would like to thank TU Delft once again for the opportunity to be involved in this project.

A big shout-out to the Dutch weather for being on our side! It gave Dario and Cor the chance to work on the field in perfect conditions!