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Reserves Auditing
Reserves auditing has become more and more important in recent years.
Not only for major oil companies listed on the New York stock exchange, but also for small companies requiring additional financing of their activities, planning to co-develop a discovery with another oil company, buying a share in an already producing field, etc. etc.
SEC and SPE reserves regulations are different and complex. PanTerra has in-depth knowledge of the details of the Proved Reserve Volume requirements for issues such as:

· Regulatory definitions
· The qualifications for use of data from analogue reservoirs
· The qualifications for producibility of a reservoir/field
· Volumetric estimates
· Estimates based on well performance
· The regulations for including improved oil recovery contributions
· The rules on the use of reservoir simulation for Proved Reserves

Your problem can be resolved by PanTerra.
With more than 15 years experience, our Reserves Auditing group has an extensive knowledge in Reserves auditing of gas, oil and gas condensate fields, EOR projects etc. We offer the option to review Reserve Report documentation at our offices and report potential shortcomings or review reports at the Client’s premises and discuss findings at location.

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