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Portable core plugging machine

A special plugging machine has been designed for handling core material derived from the wellsite. Plugging directly onsite has many advantages since reservoir characteristics are best preserved when remaining fluids have not been expelled from the core itself after longer periods of transport to the laboratory.

Hotshot plug samples for porosity and permeability measurements are usually taken immediately after the core has been extracted from the barrel and lined-up, yielding highly accurate data results for reservoir modeling.

PanTerra supplies operators for heavy duty plugging who will secure the original core integrity by using a non-intrusive medium depending on the requirements and nature of the core.

The strongly build drill-press is designed to drill in all sorts of core formations taking plugs in requested sizes (1 inch and/or 1 ½ inches standard plug diameters) directly from the core, both horizontal and vertical. Various sizes of different diamond tooled coring bits can be mounted on this machine when needed. The portable core plugging machine is equipped with a recirculating coolant system for drilling with customized types of fluids as; water, brine, oil depending on the requirements of the core. Dean Stark samples from a gas well (determination of water is critical) are drilled with oil as lubricant and Dean Stark samples from an oil well are drilled with water. The plug samples are dry trimmed, no lubrication is used. The full integrity of the core-plugs can be further secured by preserving each of the extracted samples by wax- encapsulating.

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