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Core Gamma Logger
PanTerra onsite services offer a mobile core gamma logger suitable for measuring both total Gamma (KeV) as well as pre-set regions of interest (Potassium (K), Uranium (U) and Thorium (Th). The total Gamma records will record the natural gamma radiation whereas the spectral gamma logger is used for investigation of relevant elements in a core sample (K, Th, U).

The sensitive external detector of the core gamma logging tool is supplied with solid aluminum housing and will show clear trends between sandstone, shale and claystone intervals. Furthermore, the gamma results can be used to cross reference and correlate with other wireline logs.

The portable core gamma logger can register radiation readings on core formations situated inside or outside core barrels. First, the barrels or core sections are being put in a horizontal position and depth marks will indicate at which distance gamma readings will be recorded. Background readings will be measured prior to recording the actual measurements.

The results are stored in the gamma logger and subsequently transferred on a portable computer when the data is processed and depth correlated to generate plots (gamma ray counts versus depth) which will be used for review and exported into Excel/CSV formatted spreadsheets.

Applications of the core gamma logger


  •  Depth correlation with other well-logs
  •  Identifying sedimentary environments (I.e. indicating sand/shale intervals)
  •  Identifying the presence of fractures 
  •  Inferring clay mineralogy
  •  Facilitating positioning onsite plug-locations

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