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Onsite Core Transportation
The onsite core sections need to be transported in specialized containers and/or larger sized offshore cargo baskets which must be able to withstand the total weight as well as any shocks and/or vibrations elicited during core-transportation. PanTerra can provide a whole series of transport units; from special designed containers for transporting 1m core sections to a variety of transfer cargo baskets for shipment of 9m full length core, in order to transport the core sections to a location where they can be examined for further processing.
Transport of short length (1m) core sections

The containers are equipped with special designed pre-shaped spacers for 4’’ and 25/8’’ diameter core, consisting of soft polyurethane foam, containing a relative high density. These spacers are stacked between subsequent core-layers as well as between the core material and container walls absorbing and minimalizing shock distributions inside the core container during handling and shipment.

The containers are certified with an UN-certificate, indicating high standards regarding safety and building construction. Special lids, containing heavy duty locks seal and protect the contents. A maximum of 20m (4’’ diameter core) or 35m of 25/8’’core can be stored in one specialized container.

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