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Core sample preservation
PanTerra offers onsite core sample preservation using a translucent wax protecting the core characteristics and preventing any fluids from evaporating. The purpose of this method is to preserve the original characteristics of specified core-sections, prior upon arrival at the laboratory, ensuring and securing its full integrity.

Core samples that have to be secured onsite must be preserved immediately after the core barrels have been removed from the core itself. After cleaning the core (using rags) the core (sections) need to be lined-up and depth intervals indicated. Preservation of the initial conditions of core material is then performed by covering the specified core sections in plastic foil which are subsequently covered by aluminum foil and labeled (top/bottom markings, depth labels / Client-and Wellname). Then, multiple layers of preheated wax will fully encapsulate the core sections forming an impenetrable plastic coating when cooled off. Once cooled and solidified, the core section will be fully protected. The core integrity, as well as its original characteristics, will be fully secured and preserved (i.e. no fluid escape) without disturbing and altering rock properties.
Applications and specifications


  • ATEX approved heating tank
  • Strippable coating
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic and non- hazardous

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