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Enhanced Oil Recovery

When recovering hydrocarbons is proving to be a technical and economical challenge, innovative and cost effective oil-recovery methods are a key component in optimising the efficiency of operations in mature fields.

There are three oil-recovery methods employed in the production process. The primary phase produces up to 10% of the original oil in place. During the secondary recovery method, also known as the improved-oil-recovery method (IOR), the recovery factor can be increased up to 50%. In the tertiary or enhanced-oil-recovery (EOR) phase, the recovery factor can rise to as high as 70%. This is achieved by injecting materials that alter the fluid and rock-fluid interaction properties.

Depending on the reservoir conditions at the start of the tertiary phase, one or a combination of the three major categories for EOR methods is applied. The major EOR methods are categorised in:
• Gas EOR
• Water-based EOR
• Thermal EOR
• Combined EOR

PanTerra and EOR

In its quest to developing optimal EOR plans for its customers, PanTerra utilises an integrated suite of EOR capabilities to select the EOR method that performs at its best. Having a well-equipped laboratory for rock/fluid interaction, PVT, and core flooding for EOR methods and expert knowledge in reservoir-simulation engineering, PanTerra is capable of providing comprehensive EOR services, ranging from laboratory testing to simulation and pilot design.

Building on its extensive knowledge in EOR subsurface modeling and reservoir characterisation, in combination with a state of art laboratory and a vast project portfolio, PanTerra brings fresh and innovative solutions to your EOR challenges.

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