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Unconventional Reservoirs
The industry moves towards exploring unconventional reservoirs which are challenging and complex. Unconventional (mainly shale gas) plays are all different and require non-standard laboratory evaluations in order to understand the reservoirs.

PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V. provides the following laboratory services for the unconventional reservoirs:
Core Handling
- CT-scanning
- Core gamma spectroscopy 
-  Core photography
- Shale plug drilling, using humidified nitrogen 
- Shale plug sample preservation in wax
Physical Shale Properties
- As received density - helium pycnometry
- As received bulk density, grain density, plug permeability
- Dry bulk density, grain density, plug permeability, (>0.001 mD) and helium porosity, including drying at 95C
- Ultra low permeability (1 Nano-Darcy)
- GRI Method for bulk density, pressure decay permeability on crushed sample (20/35 mesh)
- Mercury injection, up to 60,000 psi, including calculation of pore throat size distributions
- Pore size by gas adsorption, 40 point using N2 (20 to 3000 A)
- NMR spectroscopy on as received shale plugs
- Capillary pressure curve, up to 10,000 psi capillary pressure, using vapour pressure desorption technique
- Acid solubility, ambient conditions
Rock Mechanical Tests
- Sample preparation and bulk density
- Unconfined Compressive Strength, deformation rate of 10 E-06/s
- Acoustic velocity Vp and Vs
- Indirect tensile strength test (Brazil test), deformation rate of 10 E -06/s
- Multistage triaxial compression test (five stages), poisson’s ratio, deformation rate of 10 E -06/s
- Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion

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