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Unconventional Reservoirs

The industry moves towards exploring unconventional reservoirs which are challenging and complex. Unconventional (mainly shale gas) plays are all different and require non-standard laboratory evaluations in order to understand the reservoirs. 

Image courtesy of FEI - captured using MAPS technology

Tight gas - Image courtesy of FEI captured using MAPS technology

PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V. provides the following services for the unconventional reservoirs:

Shale Petrography

- Thin section preparation (ultra thin for shale gas petrography)
- Thin section description and photomicrographs
- Ion-milling of shale samples for SEM analysis
- Field Emission SEM (FE-SEM) analysis to visualise micro to nano scale pore system
- SEM and BSEM analysis, mineral identification by EDS attachment
- Whole Rock XRD and Clay Fraction XRD
- Borehole Image (BHI) analysis
- Shale core description and fracture study
- Data integration and interpretation

Source Rock Analysis
- Total organic content (TOC)
- Rock-Eval pyrolysis (kerogen type and maturity)
- Vitrinite reflectance (thermal maturity)
Exploration and Appraisal Services
- Field geology
- Geological evaluation
- Seismic interpretation
- Petrophysical analyses
- Value of opportunities
- Basin modeling
- Risk and uncertainty assessment
- Exploration evaluations and prospect identification
- Exploration portfolio management
- Geological well proposals and end-of- well reports
- Data room visits
- Legacy data mining and QC
- Due diligence studies
- Farm-in and farm-out support
- Acquisitions and divestments
- Screening economics
Field Development Services

- Reservoir modeling
- Development planning
- Well test design and evaluation
- Reserves auditing

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