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Thin sections preparation

At PanTerra we have the capability to prepare high quality thin sections of rock samples and we have experience in a wide range of lithologies (sandstones, carbonates, mudstone, shales, etc). Our standard or polished thin sections are used for mineralogy, petrography or paleontology to microscopically study the internal structures and fabrics of rocks and sediments.

The samples are blue dye impregnated and can be supplied in various sizes, and be treated with various staining chemicals to differentiate between the cements or identify K-feldspar grains. Besides preparing thin section for our own inhouse diagenetic group, we also make thin sections for third parties, like universities, research or commercial laboratories.

As diagenetic experts, we realise as no other, the importance of having high quality thin sections for your studies. Our excellent thin sections can be supplied in a good turnaround time, or even as ‘hot shot’ service (within 2 days).

Other petrographical services that our inhouse team provide are:
- Petrographical description
- Mineral identification by XRD
- Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
- Fluid Inclusion (FIS)
- Cathodoluminescence microscopy (CL)






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