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PanTerra course portfolio
Why choose PanTerra Geoconsultants?

PanTerra Geoconsultants offers the full range of petroleum geoscience applications currently applied in the E&P industry, covering geology, geophysics, petrophysics, geochemistry, reservoir engineering, Laboratory analyses (PVT and SCAL), as well as general courses about the E&P Business and business management. For full course descriptions, please refer to the respective pages in this website.

PanTerra lecturers are all active as geologists and geophysisicsts. They have over 20 years experience with major multinational oil companies and as consultants. Their experience is global.

PanTerra runs their courses in principle at their headoffice in the Netherlands. Course material and exercises are from our own experience. At our premises, theory is put into practice. Especially in our laboratory trainees can observe how Routine and Special Core Analyses, Production Chemistry- and PVT analyses are carried out. Theory in practice and trainees will be able to familiarize themselves with all of them.

However, if your company needs the courses run at your premises or  at a local destination, the savings can amount up to 50%. In other words you can train twice as many staff at the same expense.

Customised Courses

Besides these standard courses, tailor-made courses can be designed at the customer’s request to fit a specific purpose. Also, the content of the standard courses can be adjusted in order to meet specific client needs and wishes. Although all courses are larded with our own exercises, it is often beneficial to the client to request some exercises to be based on their own data and operational problems. Such requests can always be honoured by our instructors.

Project Based Learning

Project baded learning is a unique learning approach by PanTerra. This way of learning combines formal classroom learning with practical 'hands-on' experience. 
Training of E&P staff starts with formal classroom courses in various disciplines to create an essential working knowledge of various tools (e.g. sedimentology, sequence stratigraphy, seismic interpretation). This training equips the staff member to start performing tasks within the company under guidance of an experienced colleague. After having applied the `classroom` knowledge in project work under guidance, the staff member will be able to carry out the work independently. Experience shows that this system of coaching and guidance by senior staff within the company often fails due to unavailability of such senior staff member (e.g. due to high workload). Therefore, PanTerra offers `Project Based Learning` in which experienced staff provides coaching in a client-defined project.

Generic project outline:
Projects will generally be carried out in three phases, with toll-gate decision points at the end of Phases I and II. The total period of the project can be about 6 months (depending participant’s learning progress). Of this, the consultant will be present at client’s location for about 4-8 weeks for on-site coaching. The Client’s team (from a single person up-to a maximum of six participants) will work independently with distant coaching via e-mail during the remainder of the time. Consultant will set-up the project-based learning program together with the team, provide on-site hands-on guidance for building practical skills, and transfer theoretical knowledge via formal lectures when needed.

Company team capable of handling similar projects independently.
Company staff members capable of transferring acquired skills to colleagues.
Project report describing the results and methodologies.
Presentation by team-members to company staff.

Field seminars:

Our field seminars are generally organized in Western Europe. In case clients wish to arrange a field seminar along outcrops within their own country/basin, this can be arranged given enough time for preparation.

Standard Courses



Exploration Economics
Exploration Prospect Appraisal and Economics
Introduction to Natural Gas and Energy
Introduction to the E&P Business


Basics of PVT Analysis
Production Geochemistry


Drilling and Completion Fluids


Basic Geophysics and Seismic Interpretation
Seismic Stratigraphy

Geology & Geochemistry

(Sequence) Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
Applied Petrophysics Basic
Clastic Reservoir Characterisation
Development Geology
Structural Geology and Geo-mechanics in Reservoir Management
Wellsite Geology and Operations
Petroleum Systems Analysis


Applied Petrophysics Advanced

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Engineering – Basic
Reservoir Engineering – Advanced
Special Core Analysis

Production Technology and Engineering

Facilities Engineering
Production Technology – Basic
Production Technology- Advanced


Environmental Waste Management Workshop


Contact and Course Fees

For course fees and standard course dates please contact PanTerra's Learning department:

Tel. +31 (0)71 581 350 5

Please note that our courses are intendet for groups from five people.


Client Testimonials on the Special Core Analysis Course

" SCAL quality assessment, limitation of each experiment method and common misunderstanding that may happen between company and service provider, RE & geologist... a great practical use in designing and analyzing data from experiments."

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