Coal Bed Methane


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Coal Bed Methane

PanTerra has been involved in Coal Bed Methane exploration and exploitation since 1994 when it prepared (under the previous name of GAPS Nederland BV) a compilation of the near surface coal occurrences and their Coal Bed Methane potential (Coal Bed Methane Potential of the Netherlands). Since then it has been extensively involved in other studies on the Carboniferous (mainly the Dutch offshore). It has also advised on the CBM potential in Columbia. One of PanTerra’s associates has been involved in extensive CBM studies in NE France.
Since a few months PanTerra is building a digital database of the coal exploration and hydrocarbon exploration wells drilled in the southern and southeastern parts of the Netherlands where CBM exploitation looks most promising. In addition PanTerra is acquiring the available seismic. A subsurface model is built around this database. This allows PanTerra to serve clients quickly when the demand for independent advice will increase when Coal Bed Methane and Carbon Dioxide Sequestration licences are awarded.
Through its association with PGMi (planning and engineering of drilling for e.g. geothermal applications) PanTerra can offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for exploratory and production drilling.

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