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Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is extracted from the hot water-bearing sands at depth. Key issue for exploitation of geothermal energy is the temperature of the water and the flowrate. The flowrate and temperature depend on the porosity, permeability, depth and the thickness of the aquifer.

Geothermal energy is a cost effective, reliable, sustainable and environmentally friendly source of power. In combination with recent technological advances, this has dramatically expanded viable resources, resulting in a growing demand.
In spite of the different business environments, the subsurface geological and technological challenges of the oil and gas industry and “green” geothermal projects are very similar. Most PanTerra senior staff have over 25 years experience in the international oil and gas industry, which therefore puts PanTerra in a unique position to deliver top-quality subsurface evaluations and technical advice. We are the experts regarding the geological uncertainties related to geothermal projects, and we therefore provide you with data and tools to minimise business risks for geothermal investments.

PanTerra Geoconsultants provides the following services:
· Feasibility studies
· Licence applications
· Detailed subsurface maps
· Seismic and fault interpretation
· Identification and description of the aquifer
· Reservoir and temperature simulation
· Estimation of flowrate and producible energy
· Economical screening
· Risk and uncertainty analysis
· Well trajectory plan
· Operational support
· Well test design
· Well test interpretation
· SDE+ (the Renewable Energy Production Incentive Programme)
· SEI (the Energy and Innovation Funding Programme)
Track record geothermal energy projects from PanTerra Geoconsultants in The Netherlands

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