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NMR Core Spectrometer

The main application for doing NMR analysis on rock samples is to calibrate the downhole NMR logs and to obtain total and effective porosities.

NRM Core Spectrometer

Other petrophysical information such as pore size distributions, effective porosity, capillary bound water, clay bound water and empirical permeability models, can be extracted.
Proper core NMR measurements are essential in NMR formation evaluation.

NRM Core Spectrometer

Other (SCAL) applications are:
-Drilling mud invasions studies
-Monitor fluid redistribution during wettability restoration/aging

For this purpose PanTerra uses the state-of-the-art Maran-2 ultra rock spectrometer.

Calibration of NMR logs and optimization of regular wireline logs and interpretations can be carried out in-house. Services provided include:
- Definition of enhanced T2 cut-offs per reservoir unit.
- Adjustment of petrophysical interpretations of clay content, porosity and saturation by integration of SCAL, NMR and wireline data.
- Optimization and assistance for choosing the best fitting K-Phi relationship function to get a better grip on permeability calculations from regular wireline logs.
- Calibration of standard HC saturation interpretations.

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