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Reservoir Modelling
Building a static reservoir model generally begins with definition of a sequence stratigraphic model, which facilitates the picking and correlation of key stratal surfaces. Rock typing, by integration of capillary pressure analyses with petrographic and petrophysical data, results in the definition of reservoir rock types having distinct pore-throat size distributions and consequent differences in flow behavior. Rock types are linked to the sequence stratigraphic model in order to distribute petrophysical properties throughout 3D reservoir space. Geomodel construction and upscaling can be performed using in-house PETREL software.
Complex fault modelling
Other related services include:
· High-resolution multi-well correlations
· Facies modelling in existing reservoir models
· Updating of existing reservoir models
· Mapping of rock properties and facies
· Fault modelling
· Burial graphs and maturity maps

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