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PanTerra Geoconsultants B.V. can provide an Integrated Reservoir Evaluation approach, allowing us to arrive at optimum petrophysical solutions for our clients. Our experience ranges from re-evaluations of historic data (e.g. log editing, re-interpretations) to the evaluation of recent field data. This includes the identification of lithologies, pay zones, fluid contents, saturations, porosity and permeability calculations covering siliciclastic as well as carbonate environments. Integration with seismic data allows for complete field reviews such as recently done for projects in Europe and the Middle East.
Our strengths are:
- Determining General Petrophysical Parameters
- Integration of Log Data, Cuttings, Core Data and Core Description
- Evaluations of Special Core Analysis Data
- Quantitative Evaluation
- Volumes of Shale and Other Mineralogies
- Porosity – Calibration with Core Data
- H.C. Saturation using Resistivity and Capillary Pressure methods
- Log-Derived Permeability – Calibration with Core Data and Sedimentology
- Determining Net Sand with Average Porosity and Hydrocarbon saturation
- Uncertainty Analysis
Integration of core data with logs and calculation of the hydrocarbon content

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