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The Netherlands
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PanTerra Geoconsultants has established a pool of expert Associates with whom our senior staff have had a long professional relationship. Their international E&P careers combined with the variety of skills, depth of knowledge and experience assure high quality advise, delivered in a timely, fit-for-purpose fashion geared to the client's needs. The Associates complement the in-house expertise and are involved in PanTerra projects on an ad-hoc basis. Through PanTerra mediation, some can also participate on an individual basis at client's offices either in ongoing projects or as lecturer in their field of expertise.

Senior Petroleum Geologists

Dirk A. Nieuwland - Principal Structural Geologist
Gerard Mäkel - Principal Structural Geologist

Gordon Knox - Principal Geological Consultant
Kick Kleverlaan - Senior Sedimentologist
Mia Van Steenwinkel - Principal Petroleum Geologist 
Nicolaas Molenaar - Associate Professor Sedimentary Geology and Diagenesis
Theo E. Wong - Principal Geological Consultant
Henk Duyverman - Principal Explorationist
Maarten Jan Brolsma - Exploration Geologist / Environmental Advisor
Salomon B. Kroonenberg - Full Professor Geology
Bernard J. Pierson - Senior Petroleum Geologist
Laura S. Foulk - Expert Borehole Image Interpreter
Evert Breman- Associate Explorationist

Senior Petroleum Geophysicists

Hugo J. Poelen - Principal Interpretation Consultant
Piet Gerritsma - Principal Advisor Seismic Applications
Derk Jan Feenstra - Independent Geophysics Management Consultant

Senior Petrophysicists

Paul Hofstra - Principal Petrophysical Consultant/Adviser
Wim Looyestijn - Principal NMR Consultant

Senior Reservoir Engineers

Hans Bruining - Petroleum Engineering Professor
Arno Klee - Principal Operations Engineering Advisor
Hans Keijzer - Principal Reservoir Engineer
Willem Gerard de Koning - Independent E&P Consultant
Hans Plaat - Principal Petroleum Engineering Consultant
Pieter Lingen - Principal Well Test Design and Evaluation Specilaist
Wim van Vark - Principal Reservoir Engineer
Jos Maas - Reservoir Engineering Advisor
Willem Schulte - Principal IOR/EOR Specialist

Senior Production Technologists

Joop Cornelissen - Engineering/Facilities Manager
Willem de Vries - Production Engineering Consultant

Senior Oil and Gas Development Managers

Ben G.M. van Rooijen - Principal Oil and Gas Development Advisor
Jan L. Beijering - Principal Oil and Gas Development Advisor
Frank H. Ansenk - Senior Oil and Gas Project Development Advisor

Senior Production Chemists

Ron Hofland - Senior Production Chemistry Consultant
Manfred Eigner - Principal Production Chemist

Senior Well Engineers

Ries Langereis - Well Engineering Consultant
Ben Haarhuis - Drilling Manager/Advisor

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