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Operations Engineering
Rig burning the oil during testing phase

Operations Engineering has become more and more important in recent years. Proper and complete definition of Operations Requirements in early phases of a project will save valuable time and money during the execute and operations phases of a field development. Similarly Operations Excellence and Top Quartile performance have proven to be elusive for many existing fields, be it oil/ gas, sweet/ sour or onshore/ offshore in particular mature fields near the end of their commercial development.

Staff has limited in-depth knowledge and experience in the definition of operations requirements and the corner stones that lead to Operations Excellence from day one of production. Issues that need definition (or redefinition) in the (re-) development of a field towards Operations Excellence are:
· Operations Readiness and Assurance Management
· Operations Philosophy
· Maintenance Strategy
· Integrated System Effectiveness
· Flawless Start-Up
· Operations Management systems
· OPEX Cost Modelling
· HSE Operations case
· Organizational and Competence Development
· “Right-Time-First” Start-Up
· Field and Facilities Abandonment

Your Operations problem can be solved by PanTerra
The Operations Engineering group has extensive knowledge and experience in the area of Operations Auditing (including Operations Engineering Audits during development or for producing fields) and General Operations Excellence.
We offer to develop and review philosophies, strategies and models at our offices or at the Client’s premises review existing facilities, systems and organization at the Client’s premises.

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