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Stratigraphic Correlation
All available constraints on depositional age, locations of key stratigraphic surfaces, and paleogeography are used to derive the most robust and internally consistent solution for inter-well correlations. Such correlations are best evaluated within a sequence stratigraphic framework, rather than relying on conventional lithostratigraphy. The key product of sequence stratigraphic analysis is the identification and correlation of principal stratal surfaces, such as sequence and cycle boundaries, flooding and transgressive surfaces, and surfaces of maximum regression. These markers divide the reservoir volume into time-equivalent layers, which contain the effective flow units and barriers that are the basis for reservoir modelling and reservoir connectivity analysis.
Correlation of well logs is a key initial step in the building of a 3D reservoir model
Depending on the nature of the reservoir, the specialized methods of Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy may be appropriate for correlation studies. Provenance Studies can also be useful for correlation, as well as for other aspects of reservoir geology.

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