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Cuttings Analysis
We offer the following options for well cuttings:
Washed cuttings under a binocular microscope

· Description using a binocular microscope

SEM image of cuttings sample showing mechanical disturbance (shear planes) caused by the drill bit

· Scanning Electron Microscopy imaging and analysis

Thin sections of cuttings can provide useful lithological and diagenetic information· Thin section petrography, including diagenetic features and pore types
· High-pressure mercury injection analysis to quantify pore-throat distribution and permeability (seal capacity for non-reservoir lithologies)
WellCAD/CoreCAD striplog of cuttings data and downhole logs· Generation of a mudlog-like striplog using WellCAD / CoreCAD software, displaying lithology, wireline logs, depositional settings, dominant pore types, biostratigraphic picks, etc.

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