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Dynamic Reservoir / Field Simulation
Building on our well established service of seismic interpretation in combination with our expert knowledge in sedimentological modelling and reservoir characterisation, PanTerra is capable to integrate all subsurface data into 3D static reservoir models. By integrating wireline, seismic and core data, quantitative static models can be generated that serve as input for dynamic reservoir models. With the support of our SCAL and PVT experts these models will be loaded with appropriately selected capillary pressure, relative permeability and PVT datasets.

Our specialist reservoir simulation engineers, familiar with most industry standard simulation packages, will build dynamic reservoir models, tailor-made to the Client’s project objectives. Models may range from detailed single well models for well coning / completion studies to multi-well development studies. Given our experience in field development planning, realistic development scenarios will be generated. On request screening economics can be performed to select economically viable projects, ranging from infill well drilling in a single reservoir to a secondary recovery options for fields with complexly faulted, stacked reservoirs having a long historical production history.

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