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Conventional Field Analysis and Forecasting
State of the art software developments have made 3D reservoir simulation far less time and manpower consuming than in the seventies of the last century. However, the answer to the question “Do we always need 3D simulation to understand our reservoir and production systems” remains “No, not always”.
Conventional reservoir engineering still remains a must for amongst others:

· A good understanding of reservoir drive mechanisms
· A quick-look assessment of developed and undeveloped reserves
· Well production predictions
· PVT characterisation
· Probabilistic volume assessments
· Assessment of recovery efficiency ranges
· Field development planning

Our PanTerra family of reservoir engineers has a long (100+ years) experience in conventional reservoir engineering, building (multi) tank material balance models for gas and oil reservoirs, evaluating developed reserves using decline analysis, generating production forecasts, carrying out (Crystal Ball) probabilistic volume assessments, etc. We will provide the Client with realistic answers to their reservoir management issues in an efficient, timely fashion without taking the possibly unnecessary step of building complex, integrated 3D simulation models.

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