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Well Test Design & Evaluation
Many operators have observed the problem. Historical well test data indicate the execution of an expensive, time consuming well test, but the well test evaluation results are rather ambiguous. Reasons could be many:

· an inappropriate well test design for complex reservoirs such as fractured reservoirs, partially sealing fault bounded reservoirs, etc.
· an incomplete record of well test production rates and pressures,
· a too limited series of stable test rates for gas wells,
· an inadequate well test string design for tight or viscous crude reservoirs
· poorly executed wellhead, subsurface reservoir fluid sampling
· and last but not least – a dubious well test interpretation.

This problem should be issue of the past.

With more than 20 years experience in production test design and interpretation in countries such as Iran, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Sarawak, Norway, Oman, Peru & Australia, and also offshore North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of Benin, our PanTerra well test expert has a hard to beat experience in test design and evaluation of production tests in clastic, chalk and carbonate settings. Test experience varies from one-day re-analysis of an old Amerada test to 40 days of continuing on-line assistance/analysis of a long-term test to prove a minimum connected volume.

Detailed test analysis by an expert well test reservoir engineer can lead to extremely valuable information, not in the least in exploration wells where an adequate test evaluation can provide crucial valuable information about the possibility of economic development of (complex) reservoir(s).

PanTerra now offers the unique service of well test interpretation by an expert engineer supported by our in-house team core/PVT analysts and geophysicists, geologists and petrophysicists.

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