Field Development

Well Test Design & Evaluation

Conventional Field Analysis and Forecasting

Dynamic Reservoir / Field Simulation

Reserves Auditing

Operations Engineering


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Field Development
PanTerra experience in production geological projects includes Field Development Plans and EOR screening. PanTerra can supply deterministic (for reserves reporting) and probabilistic reserve estimates (for more strategic decisions).
Building on our background in seismic interpretation and our expert knowledge in sedimentological modelling and reservoir characterisation, PanTerra can integrate your available subsurface data to generate static and dynamic reservoir models.
Integrated, multidisciplinary team of geologists, seismic interpreters and petrophysicists working together on same project.
The following services are available:

· Geophysical structural definition
· Petrophysical analysis
· 3D reservoir modelling
· Well test design & evaluation
· Dynamic reservoir/ field simulation
· Production forecasting and reserves estimation 
· Reserves auditing
· Conceptual Surface Engineering design
· Operations auditing

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